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Our Commitment

Our Commitment

In a changed scenario where the real estate needs realized by both State and Central government a lot of housing schemes including well thought integrated township scheme has got the impetus for reforms. As per recent state government notifications, there are policies to develop consolidated 40 Hectare and above land for integrated township and other independent facilities like specialty hospitals, schools, colleges, recreation facilities and better living condition for people at large.

Globalization in the recent past has given impetus to the Urbanization and subsequently many people in Maharashtra have considered migrating to metropolitan cities like Mumbai, Pune, Nashik offering better job opportunities.

Undoubtedly there has been population shift from rural to urban areas due to increased growth opportunities but having witnessed changing urbanization in Mumbai for more than 2 decades with changes especially in the real estate sector, management team at IHDFS appointed experts to carry out market survey, research and analysis in identifying need and requirements of the end buyers and their concerns with regards to having a dream home in city like Mumbai.

Based on the survey, the issues identified during purchase of the property can be categorized and are listed as below

a) Title of the Land and pre-requisite approvals and permissions
b) Site location connectivity with key destinations
c) Internal layout and landscaping with supporting amenities

a) Title of the Land and pre-requisite approvals

Title of the Land needs to be ascertained for any deficiency and must be verified and validated for the clear title of any property under consideration.

Development or redevelopment of the area within the jurisdiction of the local authority indicates the manner in which the use of land for in the area of planning authority shall be regulated and also indicate the manner in which the development of land therein is to be carried out.

CIDCO has been given a high responsibility of regulating urban, residential, industrial and other developments in the Navi Mumbai region.

b) Site Location and connectivity to key destinations

Site selection is subjective to the individual however key parameters like property budget and amenities with still plays key role in making a decision. In addition, demand for common facilities like good sewage system, water softening plant with adequate potable water, water for sanitation and gardening etc along with uninterrupted power supply, street lights on internal roads & easy access to main roads/highways also are must in today’s scenario.

Good schools and colleges with affiliation to renowned boards (like CBSE, IGSCE, HSC etc) with equally good teaching faculties in the vicinity of the property site also adds value in decision making process.

Nearby healthcare facilities having specialty hospitals or Polyclinics with nursing home provides solace to the potential buyers in selection of the desired property. Also vicinity of grain market, vegetable market and shopping malls/complexes along with recreation facilities, entertainment, kids zone, vigilance and security supported by the local police helps assure the end user in making final decision.

c) Internal Layout and Landscaping

Supporting the bio diversity of the region helps preserve the environment through proper landscaping. Also availability of the adequate natural daylight thorough out the day minimizes the use of artificial light fittings. Cross ventilation allows keeping low temperature levels and support pleasant living condition.

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