Our Concept - IHDFS

Our Concept

Our logo encompasses the concept we propose.

The sustained life in the center is surrounded by nature, the blue sky, the green land and rising sun.

It is our endeavor to provide self-contained and self-sufficient entity with complete range of land use types with objective to preserve existing environment. To create an Impression of eco-balanced city with due consideration to environmental impact including elements such as open spaces, water, movement corridors, parks, squares and soft network structure following the natural shapes of the landscape.

Our proposed sites has provision of full range of facilities enriching the lives of inhabitants offering neighborhoods that are compact and mixed use with most daily requirements occurring within a comfortable walking distance. These will include multiple centers based on different type of residential buildings and residential zoning with mixed use and commercial buildings located closer to the town entrance.

The in-house transportation network will have accessible routes to the residential & commercial zones and connectivity to other zones with ample parking space with convenient cycling and pedestrian routes in all the main areas.

IHDFS vision is to address the needs of the customers with focus on better and improved quality of life.


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