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FLEET Approach

F- Finance

It’s the driving force behind every business. We are currently exploring various funding options for some of the large projects at the vicinity of Panvel. The funding is required in parts in the span of first two years from the commencement of the projects and repayment horizon from 3rd up to 5th year.

L- –Land Bank

It is the Primary component for development.

We have chosen our project sites close to these upcoming developments in the peripherals of Panvel where ease of approach including access to all these amenities and facilities will no longer be challenges. Also the well know government agencies like CIDCO, MMRDA, NAINA are going to play significant role in uplifting quality of life in the said region.

We propose to undertake around 40 hectare to 250 hectares area for development aligned to the policies of all the concerned governing authorities.  The company has the road map to explore these opportunities with its vision to provide housing end to end facilitated customer’s centric solutions

EET-– Expert, Efficient, Team

When it comes to our project sites we take utmost care in encapsulating engineered solutions, adopting technology, being kind to the nature and equally responsible and accountable towards the environment. The company boasts of well qualified, skilled, experienced people (Experts) in each specific verticals performing efficiently as a Team.

This includes site survey team for smooth land acquisition and ensuring clear title of lands acquired, under acquisition or potential land for acquisition.

Our in house planners along with external consultants ensure urban land use planning approach for nature conservation with appropriate landscaping with due assessment for environmental impact for any projects undertaken with varying size. These are the best names for land development, landscape design and maintaining bio-diversity.

The Architects and certified consultants associated with us are through professionals and subject experts and have demonstrated good professional achievements. Their job is to ensure transforming concept to completion, value engineering as per laid DCR and compliance with other approval authorities.

The civil and structural experts ensure proper foundation, concrete /masonry construction, foundation construction, steel construction, site development with equal emphasis on health and safety norms. It is our commitment ensuring all raw materials to have stringent check and balance before application at every individual stage in the building process and that they are used with no compromise on price or quality.

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